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Charlotte Magic E-books is a fun and easy-to-use library application for 3-18 year old English learners, filled with interactive educational stories, games and flashcards.
About the selection
The Library offers narrated stories, nursery rhymes, songs, picture books and literary classics for English learners from pre-beginner to intermediate proficiency level, from the youngest kids to teenagers. Through the new reading & learning experience, they get familiar with the vocabulary and expressions related to everyday life and establish their reading, writing, listening and communicative skills. Thanks to the educational games, exercises and quizzes, they practice grammar and test their comprehension as well.
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Phone Number:18122760669 / 13229177675(Emma)
E-mail: [email protected] (Emma)
Charlotte Address: 1001 North tower, Baoliwei building, Tianhe district, Guangzhou
Charlotte Phone: 400-8830-933
Behind Charlotte Magic E-books...
Popular all around Europe, the digital library is filled with European and American animated books offering an elaborate reading experience enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of children around the globe. It is now introduced in Greater China by Charlotte International Education to provide a trustworthy and authentic online platform with educational games, flashcards and songs to help kids learning and practicing English as a second language on a daily basis and in a fast & entertaining way.

The solution is backed by years of Research and Development, partnerships with national universities and a professional team dedicated to its success and continuous expansion.
The team
Gergely Richter
Chief Technology Officer
Anna Boldog
Head of Product
Dorka Horváth
CEO and Co-Founder
of BOOKR Kids
Kinga Kramer
ESL Advisor
Edina Fazekas
Art Director
Awards & Honors
- CEE Lift Off - 2016 - WINNER
CEE Lift Off is the biggest startup competition of Central and Eastern Europe. BOOKR won the competition out of 148 startups of 23 countries.

- Women Startup Competition Europe - 2016 - WINNER
The Women Startup Competition is an event for passionate, spirited and experienced female entrepreneurs, strategists and thinkers.

- Game of the Year - 2015
BOOKR's innovation, the digital library with over a hundred of interactive books, available simply on a tablet received the Game of the Year Award.

- Ministry for National Economy - 2016-
Innovation Award (HUN)

- International Book Fair of Budapest - 2017 -
"The Best Digital Solution to Support Education" Award

- Startup and Innovation Awards - 2018 -
Founder of the Year
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